About us

The e-Procurement Portal is a core e-Governance initiative and the platform of the Madhya Pradesh Laghu Udhyog Nigam (A Madhya Pradesh State Government Undertaking) and is being used by all Government Departments, Public Sector Undertakings, Urban Local Bodies and Universities in the State to procure goods through a transparent and effective manner. It delivers demonstrable benefits like cost savings to the User Departments, significant reduction of tender process and helps SME sector of the state to participate in government procurement.It empowers all stakeholders purchasers, vendors , inspection agencies and the Nigam to monitor the process of procurement at every stage.

The priority of the Nigam is to deliver the e-Procurement Services efficiently and fast processing comparable to e-commerce standard practices .

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Key Functionalities

This portals aims to provide an easy to use and seamless interface which is similar to major e-commerce portals in the open market for procurement of goods and items to the indenting (buyer) departments/organizations. The portal allows the buyer organizations to view the items, select one or multiple items according to required quantities and order them online without the need to manually establish contact with the supplier organization or MPLUN and track the entire process at the click of the button on a real time basis.

  • User-friendly i.e. Keyword based & Category Based search facility for items.
  • Shopping cart, Online Ordering and tracking of the order status. Based on their requirements, user can add multiple items / quantities at a single click.
  • Online payment integration i.e via Payment Gateway (Debit Card / Net Banking).
  • Auto Generation of Supply Order, Material Receipt Certificate & Bills.
  • End to End tracking of the order from Item Selection, Delivery, Billing and Final Payment.
  • Auto Calculation of MPLUN Service Charge & Supplier Penalties as per Rate Contract.
  • Email & SMS Notifications for all users.
  • Security Audited & hosted at the highly secured Madhya Pradesh State Data Centre (SDC) in State IT Centre, Bhopal.